Easy Tart Cherry Pie: Submitted by: Mary Ann Savering | Date Added: 26 Jul 2018 Ingredients:

1      9 inch ready to eat Graham Cracker Pie Crust                                      1     8  ounce container of extra creamy cool whip1     10 ounce jar of Sour Cherry Spread                                                        1     1.55 ounce Hersey Milk Chocolate Bar  

Cooking Instructions:

Let the Cool Whip set out at room temperature for approximately 10 minutes.  In a large mixing bowl fold the softened Cool Whip with the Sour Cherry Spread until completely incorporated.  Pour mixture into the pie crust.  Shave at least half of the Hersey Milk Chocolate Bar on top of the pie, reserve the rest.  Refridgerate for at least one hour and serve.  

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