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Submitted by: John Rossi of Upper Yoder Township, PA | Date Added: 10 May 2012
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The Preparation


The single best way to improve the taste of spaghetti is to buy a better quality of sauce than one normally uses.  Admittedly, very few people have the time or inclination make spaghetti sauce from scratch.  That is why there are so many brands and flavors from which to choose, when it comes to spaghetti sauces.  Better ingredients DO make for a better meal, regardless of the dish.

Secondly, do not over-cook the pasta.  This is one case where watching a boiling pot DOES pay off.  For fastest results, use Angel Hair pasta since the cooking time is only about three minutes, max.

After placing the water on to boil, add a couple of tablespoons of ordinary Olive Oil in the water to keep the noodles from clumping together, even though the noodles will need to be stirred a couple of times while cooking.  I use the third squeezing, Olive Oil for this portion of the cooking.  It is cheaper, and most will be lost when pouring out the boiling water.  But, what flavor that does remain will not conflict the other ingredients.  To use anything other than olive oil will most assuredly change the flavor.

After draining the spaghetti noodles (but do not rinse - rinsing stops the noodles cooking, which will continue to some extent), return noodles to the pot add three to four ounces of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I prefer the most robust EVOO available.  Gently mix the noodles and olive oil until the noodles are well coated. 

Next, immediately add a 15 ounce can of beef broth.  The spaghetti will not only heat up the broth but will absorb and infuse the flavor into the noodles.  This is an inexpensive way to include the beef flavor while eliminating the fats marbled within the actual meat.

In the same vein, lightly sprinkle garlic salt in the water before boiling. Salt actually lowers the boiling temperature while the garlic gives a hint of seasoning.



Added Flavorings


For sweetness, add a snack-size box or two of raisins. All spaghetti sauces have some type of added sweeteners to cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes while adding a delicious texture.  My grandmother would put a cup of sugar in the sauce, along with the raisins.

For a seafood taste, purée (or chop finely) one can of anchovies, saving the oil to add in the spaghetti sauce.  The flavor will permeate the dish without overwhelming it.  And the saltiness of the anchovies will be muted yet seasoning the meal.  A perfect complement to the anchovies would be to add a pound of shrimp, cooked and shelled, of course.

For real meat flavor, use one pound of meatloaf mix, a combination of veal, pork, and beef.  Be sure to cook the meat in a pan first.  Then drain off the fat which undoubtedly has been added.  An alternative to the meatloaf mix is Italian sausage.  Petite dice the sausage unless, of course, using ground sausage meat; cook and drain.

One-half stick of butter (or more to taste) give the spags a richer flavor.  Put the butter in the sauce pan with the spaghetti sauce to melt, over low heat. 


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